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May 16, 2022

morality without God

Order Instructions Open discussion week. You choose what you would like to discuss from the week’s course material.   For Example:   The Divine Command Theory The Euthyphro Dilemma Moral Relativism Morality Without God and the like   Be sure to provide reasoned evaluations of the issues and discuss them […]
May 16, 2022

History of Early Christianity

TRS 380: History of Early Christianity Thesis paper   Overview:   The final draft of this paper will be of significant length (5-7 pages).   Using the New Testament (mostly what we read and worked through in class), Lynch and O’Malley answer this question:  Is the academic study of theology consistent […]
April 16, 2022

What do you find most compelling about the origins of world religions?

Order Instructions What do you find most compelling about the origins of world religions? Why? How does the information presented on the development and understanding of indigenous religions impact these thoughts and reflections?
March 24, 2022

Perpetua & Felicity

Paper 2 – Perpetua & Felicity   Assignment goals: • Read closely an account of Christian martyrdom • Describe how desire for heaven is narratively depicted in such accounts • Reflect on how such depictions move the modern day Christian to act   Assignment Introduction:   “That they may all […]
March 20, 2022

Explain the values and practices surrounding cults.

Order Instructions Unit V PowerPoint Presentation(DESTINE) Weight: 10% of course grade Grading Rubric Due: Tuesday, 03/22/2022 11:59 PM (CST) Instructions Religious News is giving you the opportunity to give your readers a deeper glimpse into your thoughts. Your boss has tasked you with creating a PowerPoint presentation detailing some things […]
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